Don't Live Life Behind Your Camera

Today I'm sharing another powerful blog post that was shared with me recently. So please excuse me while I pull out a small soapbox.

I'm saddened by all the people I see living life through the viewfinder of their cameras. Because as much as they want to capture and remember that moment, if they aren't actually IN the moment, there won't be much to remember.

And studies show that you will remember less about something if you take photos of it instead of spending time looking at it yourself. Don't believe me?

Last year I 2nd shot with another photographer and I never saw the images I took, because our arrangement does not include permission for me to use the images in my portfolio. I handed over my camera cards at the end of the night. And three months later I can't describe what the bride looked like. Because I don't remember. I spent 8 hours with this bride photographing her wedding day and I can't remember her!

This is what you're doing to yourself when you live life behind the camera (or phone). And of course, you have the images that you take of your family and the different things you experience together, but unless you take the time to actually sort through and look at all those images, your memory of those life events will still be foggy.

Here's the article I wanted to share. She includes some helpful ideas for breaking this habit as well as her challenge to herself to both live in the moment and take a photo every day this year. 

So yes, pull out the camera. Take a few photos to remember the moment. But then put it back in your pocket and soak it all in!