Sunshine & Raindrops ~ Snow, Shopping, and the Super Bowl

The Sunshine:

- Another snow day this week! I can't even remember the last time I've seen 9 inches of snow! That's a lot for Virginia Beach!

- Thursday I was able to attend a Lighting Intensive workshop in Richmond with the amazing Justin & Mary. And they were FABULOUS! I'm pumped to give an even better experience to my 2014 brides! (And thanks to Abby Grace for modeling for us!)

- A trip to Richmond is never complete without a stop at Homegoods. And I found the perfect rug for our kitchen. (Instagram to come!)

- Celebrating Chinese New Year with friends!

- Best Super Bowl commercials - The 80's Called, Stephen Colbert and the Pistachios (teaser and parts 1 &2), and the Doberhuahua. I actually liked the M&Ms teaser better than the actual commercial.

- Speaking of teasers, what's up with that whole idea? I find it very strange, but by halftime, we were watching the game purely for the commercials, so I kinda get it.

The Raindrops:

- The only downside to the lighting workshop was that the roads here weren't quite clear enough to chance coming home at midnight, so I had to spend the night in Richmond. Staying in a hotel by yourself isn't that fun.

- Tax season has officially started.

- I clearly picked the wrong team to cheer for this year. But it wasn't even a good game. No contest whatsoever.

- WAY too many car commercials this year. I mean, I'm all for fewer beer commercials, but the car commercials got really old. This is pretty much the only time I actually watch commercials, so I hold them to a high standard.