Sunshine & Raindrops

The Sunshine:

- I never believe when the weather calls for snow. I've lived in Hampton Roads for 20 years and the weather forecast disappoints me regularly. So I take the "I'll believe it when I see it" stance. So Ryan and I were really excited to peep out the window on Tuesday night to make sure it was still snowing. Waking up to a beautiful snowy house and knowing we would be able to lounge on the couch all day was amazing!

- We tested out our new fire pit and roasted smores in the snow. 

- I spent Friday with a photographer friend of mine, talking all things details. We had a blast!

The Raindrops:

- Ryan is part of a Bible Study on Wednesday mornings. They meet at the crack of dawn for breakfast so they can all make it to work on time. Well since two of the guys live right around the corner from us, they all decided to get together at one of their houses. We were excited to go but didn't want to drive until others had sufficiently tested out the roads for us. Which meant we had a mile to walk in the snow. We bundled up the best we could but it still took a good half hour for our feet to thaw when we got there.

- They're calling for snow again this week. Usually I would be excited about this, but this time I have plans that I really can't afford to cancel.