Wrap it Up! - Christmas Gift Ideas

Gift giving is not my forte. In fact, I spend months racking my brain for hints my friends and family might have dropped about things they love or need. Enter problem number one: Our parents don't need anything. It's such a blessing, but it definitely makes Christmas shopping difficult. And problem number two: I don't understand tools, so I can't figure out what my husband doesn't have or would use.

So without spilling the beans on what I've picked out for my loved ones this year, here are a few Christmas gift ideas to hopefully make your shopping a bit easier.

For Him:

- Go through his closet and find a well loved and well worn piece of clothing and buy him a new one. Shirt, shoes, pants, whatever. My husband definitely has his favorites and always has one piece that gets worn much more often than everything else.

- Tablet cover. Maybe he already has a boring one, so get him something personalized! There are so many possibilities: book cover, patterned fabric, monogram, leather, etc.

For Her:

- Look at her Pinterest boards. Seriously, guys have it so easy. Women these days are basically collecting boards and boards of things they'd love to have. So maybe you can't give her a monstrous walk in closet for Christmas and staring at her style board might give you more headaches than hints, but you could get her that print/purse/ornament from Etsy that she pinned. Here are some cute options to get you started:

Custom house ornament

Custom scarf - printed with a map, text from a favorite book, etc

- See tablet cover above. This would also be great for a planner or a cell phone.

For the Cook:

- Gifts from the kitchen are my favorite, because it's so easy to find something that people would use. A baking gift basket, a set of unusual spices, fancy olive oil or vinegar, customized recipe cards, etc.

- And if you don't think the person on your list actually cooks much, you can still get a gift for the kitchen! A  cute set of appliqued towels, serving dishes, a set of art prints for the kitchen, or a custom cutting board. Anything pretty that can sit out and doesn't necessarily have to be used.

For the Neighbor/Teacher/Hostess:

- Food! My go to for small presents is something edible. Most people don't need another coffee mug or picture frame and it's really hard to pick something out for people you don't know well. So whether it's homemade Christmas cookies, a gift basket put together with store bought yummies, or a package of macarons from a local bakery, an edible gift will almost guarantee you success.

- Seasonal decor - you almost can't go wrong here. All you need to know is what kind of style they have: modern, rustic, classic, glamorous, or hand-crafted. And then you can pick out (or make) just about anything, mantel decorations, ornaments, wreath, centerpieces, wall art, advent calendar, pillow, throw blanket, etc.