4 Dates for $40 ~ Christmas Edition

Christmas is the perfect time of year for date nights. And unfortunately, there's so much going on that it can be easy to just put yourself on "survival mode" until the big day arrives and life can slow down again. But there are so many wonderful things to enjoy throughout the month. Here are some little date ideas to squeeze in between all the shopping and parties.

Date idea #1 - Make presents together

Cost: $5+

Bake boxes of cookies for your neighbors or make some ornaments for a family member. Pinterest is overflowing with great ideas for this time of year. Take an evening or two to enjoy one together.

Date idea #2 - Choose a new ornament

Cost: $10+

Ryan and I have started collecting at least one ornament that symbolizes each year of our lives together. We collected 3 or 4 our first Christmas since we wanted our wedding and our honeymoon to be represented and last year's ornament is from our vacation in Jamaica. This year I'm pretty sure we're picking out a house ornament. I'd love to get one of the custom ones from Etsy, but I'm pretty sure we waited too long for that.

Date idea #3 - Deliver a secret gift to someone in need

Cost: $10+

Whether you choose an Angel Tree present or drop off some groceries at a food bank, do something good for someone this month. It's so easy to focus on ourselves and the things we want and just say "we're on a tight budget", but there are so many who have less than we do.

Date idea #4 - Pick out a real Christmas tree

Cost: $30+

Ok, so this one breaks the $40 total budget, but you could always pick up some fresh garland or a wreath instead. We're hoping to find a tabletop tree since we have a full size artificial tree up already.