Sunshine & Raindrops ~ Sewing, Stress & Sweets!

The Sunshine:

- Sewing! I'm sewing again! There's thread everywhere, but I'm loving the Christmas and baby shower presents I've been making!

- Christmas! It's almost here! I don't want to wish away fall and I still have pumpkin recipes I want to make, but Christmas is just around the corner!

- Friendship! The past few weeks I've just felt really blessed with all the wonderful friends we have and what a blessing they are to us.

The Raindrops:

- Sugar overload. This is the time of year that I find it hardest to fight my sweet tooth. Sometimes, like the day after Halloween and Tuesday's little baby shower party, I completely give in to my sweet tooth and indulge a bit too much. There's so much yummyness in the world! But if I want to keep my current wardrobe, I guess I should be a bit better at this over the next few weeks.

- Baby fever. It comes and it goes, but I've been thinking about babies a lot lately. I blame my friends who are due in the next couple of months and the ones who are excitedly announcing their pregnancies. I'm all on board the baby train. I love the itty bitties! It's the fact that they grow into children that gets me. And I love children! I can't really explain it, but I guess being a parent kinda scares me.

- To do lists. Lately I just want to chuck my to do list and the stress it brings out of the window.