Sweet Tooth ~ Chocolate Oatmeal Bars

Today's sweet tooth is Chocolate Oatmeal Bars by my new favorite food blog, Table for Two. This dessert is full of gooey yummy goodness. The filling is so good I seriously wanted to eat it with a spoon. And then lick the bowl.

And when you pair it with the oatmeal cookie mixture, it balances out evenly for a dessert that's not too sweet but still very satisfying.

The only problem is that I could convince myself that oatmeal meant healthy, so I could have more than one. So beware the "healthy cookie' mentality. This is definitely still a dessert.

I also recommend not using tinfoil. It's not the same as parchment paper. So if you don't have parchment paper (which is something I never purchase), just grease the pan a bit and put the cookie right in there. And just plan to scoop it out with a spoon. Because even when my cookies were completely chilled, they were still pretty soft and gooey. Not a firm bar.

But they sure were tasty!

You know you want some! Head over to Table for Two for this and many more delicious recipes!