Photography Payment Plans

I understand that photography is a big investment. Most people do one session every year or every two years, so it's a special occasion. And if you haven't saved up as much as you originally planned, you might find that you're running short on funds after purchasing new outfits to wear, getting your nails done, and moving up your hair appointment so your color is nice and fresh (but not too fresh).

I feel you. I'm there right now. I want to wear a cute fall dress for our anniversary session. And it turns out that I don't really have a fall dress. So I bought two. And I love them both, so I'm not taking one back. And now I need new brown boots to go with the dress. And then I'm sure I'll need something else.

Anyway, after all the preparation that goes into the shoot, there might not be as much leftover as you were hoping for. And that gorgeous 20x30 canvas that's been calling to you is now out of reach. Because you promised your mother that you'd send her a few prints and you want an album of the session too.

I understand. And I started offering payment plans to account for that. I offer two different options: one with a 50-50 split of two payments, and one with a larger payment up front and smaller monthly payments until the total amount is paid.

The payment plan we'll fill out spells out exactly how you'll pay, what the amounts will be, and when they're due. And there's no interest or additional fees as long as all the payments are made on time. The payment plan is purely to give you the freedom to order all the products you truly want. Once the final payment is received, I'll order your gorgeous products and you'll be able to enjoy them for years to come.

So don't hesitate to book a session with me this fall. We can set up a quick and easy payment plan and you can still get your products before Christmas! I just added a couple more sessions to the calendar, so there are only 3 more openings!