Sunshine & Raindrops ~ Summer Loving

The Sunshine:

-Blackberry picking dates with Ryan. And then making blackberry crisp. Yum!

-Pool days at my parents' house.

-The weather lately has been wonderful! Usually July & August are unbearably hot! I'm loving the highs in the 80's!

-MOVING! For most people this would be an annoying thing, but I'm one of those weird OCD I-love-to-plan people, so I enjoy it!

-My sample wedding album finally arrived and I'm so excited to show that to my brides and grooms! Now I just have to reorder our album. The one we have now is definitely not family heirloom quality.

The Raindrops:

-How is it already August? I'm ashamed to say I've only made it to the beach twice this summer. And I wasn't wearing a bathing suit either time!

-Decisions. With moving to a new place (I'll share more later, I promise!), there are a lot of decisions to be made. Paint colors, floor choices, where we're going to put this piece of furniture, what stuff we need to get rid of, what we're going to spend our money on, what we're going to sacrifice to get our house looking the way we want it. None of that is fun. Does anyone have a spare money tree?