Life Right Now

Just keeping it real....

Life right now has been crazy. I have a calendar overflowing with reminders. I have a business to do list, a personal to do list, a moving to do list, and a new house to do list.

Life right now is boxes and bubble wrap everywhere. And laughing at Ryan's attempts to use a tape gun. What can I say? I'm a trained professional.

Life right now is dinners eaten in front of the TV. No, it's not the greatest idea ever. But our kitchen table gets buried every time I clear it off. We're moving. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Life right now has two little furry companions. Check my Instagram feed for my adventures in cat sitting.

Life right now is lots of fresh fruit and eating at weird times. I had a peach for lunch yesterday. I just wasn't hungry. Too much breakfast I guess.

Life right now is just the two of us. (For those of you who thought the above was a hint!) Just us and a couple fishies. We're still duking out the pet situation. (In case you hadn't noticed, I'm pro-cat and he's pro-dog.)

Life right now is work hard so you can play hard. I finally made it to the beach. :-)

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