Peter Pan Stylized Shoot ~ Behind the Scenes

Now that the Peter Pan wedding shoot has been featured on Glamour & Grace Wed, I can share all of the fun behind the scenes shots that my dear friend took for me.

Yes, I stood on the pallets.

And as you can see, I didn't even color correct the behind the scenes shots. Oops!

I'm counting this image as my photo challenge for the week: Bucket List. This shoot was even better than I had imagined. I can't wait to do another!

I'm so glad Martha was able to keep track of my shot list. I'll never do a stylized shoot without an assistant again!

This shot is much too dark but it makes me laugh. Martha was a dedicated helper! Also, she's laughing at me, because I put the point and shoot up to my eye. There's no view finder. It's just habit!

Can you tell that my camera strap gets in the way a bit?

We couldn't help taking a snack break as soon as we got shots of Holly and Ian cutting the cake. It was too yummy to wait. 

This stylized wedding shoot was a big bucket list item for me! I can't wait to dream up another!