SOOC ~ HRC Photo Challenge

For a while now I've wanted to do a comparison of an edited image and an image straight out of camera (SOOC). When you shoot in JPEG, the camera compresses the image from RAW to JPEG for you. Basically, it edits the image as soon as it's taken. While this sounds like a time saver, it's not necessarily the best thing to let your camera make all the decisions. But that's not the point of this post. If you are interested in learning more, you can read more about the power of shooting RAW here.

One of the benefits of shooting RAW is that you have a lot of power in the editing stage. Images taken in harsh lighting often need highlights pulled down and shadows brightened. So it's nice that there are a lot of options when you shoot RAW.

But of course your goal is to get the image as close to perfect as possible SOOC. And here's one from our Garden Elopement stylized shoot that I was very happy with.

Looks good right? But RAW files SOOC often need a little boost in contrast and vibrance. Check out this comparison between the SOOC RAW image converted to JPEG with no edits and the edited version.


And this gives you a pretty good idea of what my editing process looks like. I might brighten the image a bit, or change the white balance a bit so the skin tones are right on. And I always add just a bit of contrast and vibrance. But the goal is always to have a good image SOOC, so the editing process just takes a few clicks. Because let's get real. When you're changing just a few things on each image, that time adds up! Especially for weddings! There's no way I want to spend even 5 minutes on each image. When you deliver 300 images to your brides and grooms, that means 25 hours of editing!

Thanks again to our amazing stylized shoot team! Check out their work!

Concept and design - Caitlin Gerres Photography  and Truly Ty Photography

Hair and makeup - Kelley Manning

Cakes - Sweet Emma Lou

Bouquet - Aleen Floral Design

Stationary - Just a Lil Studio

Venue - Hornsby House Inn