101 in 1001 ~ My Ideal Client

The first step in marketing your business is knowing your target client. And the more specific your target client is, the better you can market to her. So one of the steps on my 101 in 1001 list was to define my ideal client.

My Ideal Portrait Client:

-She wants to have her family history recorded. She wants to capture the way her family is right now, with all its imperfections. She wants to have a record of the way they live and the way they love each other.

-She carefully chooses location, outfits, and props that will display her family the best.

-She wants not only pictures for Facebook and to send to family but also to hang on their walls and to make an album.

My Ideal Bride:

- She really cares about her portraits. She wants to have an album and canvases all over her walls.

-She wants a first look with her husband-to-be and builds the timeline to maximize portrait time.

-She carefully planned all the details for her wedding day and wants them beautifully captured.

-She's so in love with her husband-to-be. They make each other laugh and finish each other's sentences. And when they're together, nothing else matters. He makes her feel safe and treasured every day.

-She's so excited to have me photograph her wedding and couldn't imagine anyone else doing it.