A Little Valentine's Love

About this time a year ago I was feeling a little lonely. After living in a dorm full of girls and literally being surrounded by my friends, "real life" was much quieter. My college friends were hours away and many of my high school and church friends were still attending school all over the state. Ryan and I had just moved to a new church and we hadn't really gotten to know anyone yet. And although I had a few friends that I could spend one on one time with, I found myself wishing for more friends.

Fast forward to this year and I'm feeling overwhelmed with friendship. Sadly, my college friends are still hours away (they really all should move to Virginia!), but most of my friends are living in Hampton Roads again and I've made many new friends at our new church.

Add last Wednesday to that and my heart is truly overflowing.

Last Wednesday a local group of (mostly) photographers, Hampton Roads Creative got together for Lovefest, a Valentine's Day themed party.

And party we did. I arrived at the party feeling like an awkward wallflower and so did many of the other photographers! And when you throw a bunch of wallflowers (and a few more outgoing people) into the same room, they'll eventually come out of their shells a bit.

I made some great connections at the party, and I'm really excited to get to know these ladies over the next few months!

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