Wedding Weekly ~ Thumbprint Guestbooks

Brides and grooms have been getting very creative with their guestbooks over the past few years and I love what I'm seeing! Today I wanted to feature one of my favorites: the thumbprint canvas.

A thumbprint canvas keeps your guestbook from being just a list of names. Those names become a beautiful work of art.

Here's the canvas from my best friend's wedding a few weeks ago. Can you spot Ryan and me?

When Jill first told me she was doing a guestbook tree, I went immediately to Pinterest to look at some inspiration pictures. And I found some other thumbprint options that I love.

Peacock wedding

See how easily this concept can be incorporated into just about any theme?

And best of all, you get to hang up your guestbook and look at it every day. As much as I love our engagement photo album guestbook, it's not something I look at every day.

And for those of you like me who are already married and are regretting that you didn't do a thumbprint guestbook, check out these options for baby showers! How adorable would a thumbprint canvas look in a nursery?

Cute circus animals

And my personal favorite, good for weddings and birthdays: