Being Present

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time being present. I'm a planner by nature, so I'm always researching our next vacation or pinning pictures of my dream kitchen. And since getting a smart phone a few weeks ago (behind the times much?) I've found it increasingly tempting to check Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, etc.

As much as I love checking my Instagram feed, I find myself doing it while riding in the car with my husband. Why would I completely ignore the opportunity for an uninterrupted conversation with him just to see a couple snapshots of food?

Having a smartphone is showing me just how tied to technology I really am.

And then I saw this commercial. Oh boy.

I think the most alarming part of the commercial is that the group gathered around the cocktail table doesn't think they're missing out because they can see the pictures on their phones. But if they would just put down the phones and walk across the room, they could experience those moments first hand.

Now, I'm all for being able to see photos of your best friend's wedding quickly and easily. But I find it a bit much when the bride and groom have been tagged in a shot of their first kiss on Facebook before they've even made it to the end of the aisle.

The last thing that wedding guests should be doing at a wedding reception is flipping through pictures online. Save that for after the big event is over. Instead choose to be present and actually enjoy what's happening right now. Snap a few quick pictures if you want, but then put your camera or phone away and don't take the extra time for uploading and tagging.

And this applies for the rest of life too. My lunch break at work is a great time to check my social media feeds. But when my husband and I are together, I need to put down the phone and be present in that moment. My phone can wait. My relationship with those I love cannot.


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