Olympic Obsessions

For the past 2 weeks I've been obsessively glued to the TV. I've never watched this much TV in my life! But I just can't stop. In fact, I'm watching it right now. (Rhythmic gymnastics anyone?)

My poor husband. He's been very sweet about the whole thing. He's even watched a lot of the prime time competitions with me. But I think he's ready to have his regular shows back. Our DVR claims it holds less than 30 hours of HD video, so all non-Olympic recordings have been shipped right over to our external hard drive.

And ironically, a lot of ice cream, gummy bears, and potato chips have been consumed while watching these dedicated athletes compete. But we're working on the healthy thing. Really. But cutting out sweets cold turkey is just asking for a binge. I don't know that I'll ever cut out sweets completely. My taste buds won't permit me to consider that right now. Baby steps.

But returning to my original train of thought (have I told you that I like to derail conversations?)

I've really enjoyed cheering on the USA athletes over the past two weeks. And hopefully by the time Rio rolls around, Ryan will be ready for another round of DVR mania.