Choosing a Location

One thing I love about not being a custom portrait photographer is all of the amazing locations I get to shoot at! Instead of a plain white backdrop (or even worse, a fake beach backdrop), we go to a real location to shoot. Choosing a unique location is a simple way to customize your photo session. The location that you choose really sets the tone for your photo shoot, so it's important that you choose a style that you love.

The most common types of locations are rustic, downtown, park, woods, and beach.

If you and your fiance love dressing up, you might want to have your engagement session at a beautiful building downtown. On the other hand, if your fiance wants to wear his favorite plaid shirt, you might want to choose a different location.

If you want a location that will serve as a subtle background for your family session, maybe the woods or the beach would be a great location. If you want something bold, a rustic red barn would be the perfect backdrop. Here's a peak at some of the different location styles:






And these locations are flexible! You can have a fun family session, a casual senior portrait session, and a romantic engagement session all in the same location and they will look completely different.

While these are the most common location styles, there are many others to choose from. You could have a beautiful portrait session at your home, your old high school or college, a sports stadium, a library, a carnival, and the list goes on!

And the best part about choosing a location is that you usually don't have to pick just one style! (Have I mentioned that I'm bad with choices?) Almost every location is a combination of two styles. During most portrait sessions, you can change clothes and move a few feet away and have a completely different look to your images. Check out these posts for some location mash-up:

Elizabeth's portrait session was at the Chesapeake Arboretum, a beautiful mix of rustic and park styles. (Oh yeah, and they have woods too!)

Edward and Meredith's sweetheart photos at the Virginia Beach Courthouse were a beautiful mix of downtown and park styles.