What is Custom Photography?

Caitlin Gerres Photography isn’t like your run-of-the-mill mall studio. I offer a custom photography product. And I define custom photography as a photography service that is focused on providing a customized experience, capturing the real essence of a person, and helping customers choose the right products.

I want to provide a completely customized photography experience to my customers. That might mean beach family pictures where we build sand castles, or maybe you’d love a romantic photography session at sunset. I’m not shooting in a studio with fabric backdrops, so the possibilities are endless! Locations for a portrait shoot can range from a forest to downtown Norfolk. I want you to choose a location that is special and meaningful to you. We can use props like balloons or flowers or your favorite musical instrument, or we can skip them entirely.

Each portrait session is also focused on capturing the real essence of the subjects. I want to get to know you and let your personality show through in the pictures. Portrait sessions are customized with poses that feel natural to the subjects. I don’t believe in stiff, cookie-cutter posing. If you’re not comfortable, it will be obvious in the photo, and you won’t like the way you look.

I also want to help you choose the products that are right for you. We will work together to choose your favorite images and decide how to display them best. If you are looking for a big, beautiful canvas for your walls, I will help you choose the right photo and size for your home. If you want to remember all the fun of your family portrait session with an album, I will design one for you. And if you find yourself overwhelmed with the options when ordering senior pics, I will help you decide.

Because my portrait shoots are focused on these elements, I have to focus on providing quality over quantity. Mall studios can churn through customers in less than an hour, because they have simplified the entire process down to a set formula. But I want to keep things fresh and vibrant and all about you, and that takes a little bit more time.

Are you looking for unique and creative portraits? Please contact me at caitlingerresphotography@gmail.com to book a session.