Wall Portrait Options

 When choosing a wall portrait from a photography session, people might assume that a framed print is their only option. Today I wanted to show you my favorite option for wall portraits: canvas wraps.

A canvas is a beautiful way to display a favorite print in your home. Canvases are easy to hang and they look good alone or in a group.

This is a canvas we just had made of a favorite wedding picture. Below you can see how the image wraps around the wood frame.

While the wrap adds to the beauty of the canvas, it does limit the pictures you can use, because a closely cropped image might not have enough background image for the wrap. And the last thing you want is part of your face wrapped around the corner of the image!

This canvas doesn't look too big, does it? But believe it or not, this isn't an 8x10 or even 11x14. This is a 16x20 canvas! When we're talking about prints, bigger is certainly better.

And here's the perfect choice for above your couch or bed or dresser: the 20x30.

Canvas wraps are great ways to display beautiful images from your portrait session with Caitlin Gerres Photography. Please contact me today to book your session!