7 Tips for Spring Weddings

Everyone thinks of summer as the time to get married, but wedding bells ring all year round here in Hampton Roads. (Actually, come to think of it, I’ve yet to photograph a wedding where they actually rang church bells!) Since the climate here is (usually) not too extreme, couples can choose to get married in whatever season they please, and fall is becoming increasingly more popular for Virginia weddings! Here are my best tips for your wedding day, season by season!



Avoid Easter and Mother’s Day weekends so your guests won’t have to choose between your wedding and their family traditions. Also, be careful planning around high school and college final exams and graduations, which might prevent some of your guests from traveling.

Check what time the sun sets on your wedding day, so that Daylight Savings in early spring doesn’t throw you for a loop. This can be the difference between a ceremony 3:30 and one at 5:00.

Spring weather is often unpredictable (especially in Virginia), so be prepared to make last minute adjustments for cold weather, unusually warm weather, or rain.

Plan for layers for you and your girls. I love the look of a cardigan over a wedding dress for some of your portraits and during the reception for a little extra warmth!

You don’t have to do pastels. Choose whatever color scheme makes you happy!

Ask your venue when things start to bloom. A ceremony location that looked lush and full when you booked mid-summer might not be quite ready yet in early April.

If you or your fiancé have bad allergies, spring might not be the best time for you to wed. (Think of your bridal party and family members too!)