Our Story: When Boy Meets Girl

I love a good love story. And that’s why I love nothing better than having a couple sit on my couch and tell me how their love story began. That simple question, “What’s your story?” brings smiles like no other as, in a split second, moments of their relationship pass by their eyes. The feeling of butterflies, the first kiss, the moment he knew she was the one. Hearing a couple tell their story tells you so much about who they are. So Ryan and I wanted to share our story too. From first crush to first day as Mr. & Mrs.

Part 1: When Boy Meets Girl
Part 2: Code Words & Crushes
Part 3: Class Rings & Field Trips
Part 4: A Christmas Gift
Part 5: The First Date Mistake
Part 6: Graduation Day
Part 7: Student IDs, Scantrons, & Schedules
Part 8: A Month Apart
Part 9: A Proposal
Part 10: I Now Pronounce You... Not Compatible
Part 11: Commencement
Part 12: A Lumpy Blue Couch
Part 13: Our Wedding Day


If our love story was a novel, this would be the prologue. 

Our story begins with a 5th grade class of 20 students at a little Christian school. With a quiet boy with glasses and freckles who was learning to play the trombone and a bubbly little girl with purple glasses and bangs that didn’t quite meet in the middle who wasn’t quite ready to give up her frilly dresses and hair-bows. It was a year of JV soccer for him and JV volleyball for me, writing with gel pens, playing soccer at recess, and trying to sign everyone’s yearbook with an inside joke. 

So yes, Ryan and I met right at the beginning of those awkward years. When you’re no longer a cute little kid and you’ve got a long way to go until you’re cute and fashionable again. He was one of the new kids at school and his family joined our church. Our moms became friends. Scrapbooking buddies actually. 

Our class went on a field trip to Jamestown that year. And that’s where our story begins.