Our Story: A Proposal

I love a good love story. And that’s why I love nothing better than having a couple sit on my couch and tell me how their love story began. That simple question, “What’s your story?” brings smiles like no other as, in a split second, moments of their relationship pass by their eyes. The feeling of butterflies, the first kiss, the moment he knew she was the one. Hearing a couple tell their story tells you so much about who they are. So Ryan and I wanted to share our story too. From first crush to first day as Mr. & Mrs.

Part 1: When Boy Meets Girl
Part 2: Code Words & Crushes
Part 3: Class Rings & Field Trips
Part 4: A Christmas Gift
Part 5: The First Date Mistake
Part 6: Graduation Day
Part 7: Student IDs, Scantrons, & Schedules
Part 8: A Month Apart
Part 9: A Proposal
Part 10: I Now Pronounce You... Not Compatible
Part 11: Commencement
Part 12: A Lumpy Blue Couch
Part 13: Our Wedding Day


We’d been sitting on the sand dune for a while now; both nervously chatting as if it was our first date. I looked over at Ryan, the collar of his gray dress shirt rippling in the breeze. He hadn’t been this dressed up for a date in a while. I had chosen my favorite purple dress for the date, guessing that he would propose that evening. But a glance at Ryan’s watch told me that I was wrong, and it was time to head back to our car before the parking lot gates closed for the evening. 

I looked over the hills of sand at the bits of pink streaking the sky. “I think it’s time to walk back.”

Ryan helped me to my feet and I brushed the sand off of my purple dress, trying not to be disappointed. But then he sank down one knee into the sand, sliding backwards a little down the sand dune. Ryan laughed, trying to remember the speech he had prepared. I laughed too, even as tears starting to form in the corners of my eyes.

As in most proposals, the next few moments were a blur. I tried not to cry, and failed miserably. Ryan took my hand, and started to share what was on his heart and since he forgot most of what he had planned to say, he skipped quickly to the end. I tried to focus on the moment so I would remember it forever, but I only managed to remember the last two sentences. The important part. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

After I said yes, and took a moment to wipe away my tears, Ryan slid a ring on my finger. The center stone, a beautiful miner’s cut diamond that belonged to my mother’s great aunt, glimmered back at me. An official symbol of what both of us had known for a long time. We were meant to be.