Wedding Details with Big Impact

Not all wedding decor is created equal. There are so many small touches couples can add that it's a little overwhelming! Welcome bags for out of town guests, handmade favors, specialty drinks, silk ribbons on the bouquets, a special ring box to use for the ceremony... you could get lost down the wedding detail rabbit hole for days!

As amazing as the little details are, it's helpful to know what pieces would make a BIG IMPACT. Choose 2-3 wedding day details that will really WOW your guests -- and that you're really excited about! Here are a few ideas:


One of my best tips for brides is to invest in their dream wedding bouquet even if the other florals are simpler. Here's what Sterling Dawn Events recommends: "To achieve a big WOW factor with your bouquet, get out of your comfort zone just a little. Include an exotic bloom in only your bouquet to make it stand out next to your bridesmaids'. Utilize different colored ribbon or add a statement brooch to make yours even more personalized." She also advises flexibility in the flowers you request, because making a statement with your bouquet doesn't necessarily mean choosing high dollar flowers.

Want an example? Sterling designed a stunning bouquet of garden roses and protea for Jiney and kept the bridesmaids' bouquets simple but still high-impact with a single stem of the large protea and greenery.


Everyone wants beautiful ceremony decor... after all, that's what the whole wedding day is really about. But think beyond repurposing two pedestal floral arrangements as centerpieces at the reception. Katherine Hallberg creates hand-dyed paper flower and paper circle garlands that couples can hang as a backdrop for their ceremony, and she suggests also using the backdrop at the reception as a photo station for guests or to decorate the sweetheart table or cake table. She says, "If you splurge on something, make sure it's going to be highly visible and well photographed." And it might surprise you just how affordable her custom backdrops are!



There's no doubt that upgrading your linens can make a HUGE impact in your wedding reception decor, but you can also lose track of the budget this way as well if you're upgrading to a specialty linen and then adding runners or overlays, chair sashes, and napkins. Consider styling two types of reception tables: 6 standard linen tables layered with a lace runner or overlay and 4 tables with a specialty linen.


The team at Mad Hatter Vintage recommends that couples book one of their two lounge packages: "For a flat fee you’re able to build a lounge complete with chairs, couches, side tables, and other items for a lower price than renting each piece individually." Consider using these pieces separately instead of all together for a completely different look. Make the rug part of your ceremony, use the couch and coffee table to create a small lounge, and place the upholstered armchairs behind the sweetheart table. And trust me, if you have lounge furniture at your wedding, we will find a way to use it for your portraits! We might borrow a chair for bridal portraits or pose the entire wedding party around the couch for a Vanity-Fair style photo.

Rose Gold Wedding at Historic Post Office Virginia Harry Potter Themed Wedding-180.JPG

Pair 2 or 3 big impact details like these with a crowd-pleasing specialty drink and a MRS box to enhance your detail shots -- or whatever makes YOU happy -- and you can ignore Pinterest and it's accompanying overwhelm for the rest of your wedding planning!