Cindy & Scott - Colonial Williamsburg Engagement Session

Colonial Williamsburg Engagement Session-114.jpg

Scott knew the perfect way to propose to Cindy. They were enjoying a beautiful spring day on the beach, and as he often does, Scott tossed Cindy up on his shoulders to do some squats. Cindy and Scott often train together and squats like this have become a regular occurrence. They attracted the attention of a few spectators, one of whom pulled out a cell phone to film. So Cindy and Scott hammed it up a bit for the camera. Scott tipped Cindy off his shoulder and as soon as her toes hit the sand, he knelt and reached for the ring box in his pocket.

Cindy & Scott are both active duty military, stationed in Williamsburg, and they’re getting married in Mexico next year! I absolutely loved getting to know them during our engagement session! And I love that no matter where the military takes them next, they’ll be able to look back at these photos and remember their time in Williamsburg.