Our Fall Family Photos

Darcy & Family 12 Months-124_WEB.jpg

A few weeks ago, we did a mini session with Maria Grace Photography, just a week before Darcy's first birthday. He was 6 months old for our previous family session in May, and he has grown so much since then! We were excited to have fall leaves for our photos this year. Our Christmas cards are going to be extra COLORFUL!  

Enjoy our favorite images with our sweet little leaf-obsessed boy!

And in case you thought two wedding photographers would always take a perfect photo... here's our hair OCD while we were trying to get ready.

Darcy & Family 12 Months-115_WEB.jpg

And Darcy's crazy excited faces that always make us laugh! It's like he has something he desperately wants to tell us and he just can't yet.

Darcy & Family 12 Months-123_WEB-1.jpg

Thank you, Maria! I'm so glad our babies get to grow up together! (Maria & Nathan adopted their baby in June and they aren't able to share her face yet.)

Darcy & Family 12 Months-134_WEB.jpg