Life Right Now

Today we're throwing it back to an old series I started to help me remember some of the little moments of our lives. The kinds of things that don't even make it to Instagram (because we all know there's a LOT that doesn't make it to Instagram!) The kinds of things that would slip through the cracks of our memories if we didn't record them.

Life right now is watching Fixer Upper with Ryan's grandparents after family dinner.

Life right now is a mostly renovated house that still has old carpet.

Life right now is runny noses and lots and lots of tissues.

Life right now is restarting our favorite TV shows like Chuck and Psych. Tax season is a good time for a throw back.

Life right now is a WHOLE BUNCH of emails. But that's ok. I kind of like emails.

Life right now is a house that's ready for a good spring cleaning. I can feel the organizing itch just below the surface.

Life right now is toasted homemade bread with butter or fig jam.

Life right now is making big progress on the CGP off season projects and looking forward to more 'off season' time in April since my wedding season won't kick off quite yet.


Thank you, Amanda, for taking this photo of us at the Crystal Clear Event on Saturday! 

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