Goals for 2016

I love goal setting. A little too much, actually. Last year, I had 17 personal and business goals. And while I did accomplish quite a few of those things, the goals list and goal tracking itself was a pretty miserable failure. It turns out that I just can't keep track of that many goals! My two words for the year, Rooted (business) and Simplicity (personal), were probably more of the reason I was able to accomplish so much during the year, because I almost never even looked over my goals list.

 And that is why this year I only have 4 goals. Each goal (two business, two personal) says something about the feeling that I want for the year and encompasses a lot of specific things that I want to accomplish. 

So in spite of the fact that I haven't been able to blog my goals and progress consistently over the past two years, I'm trying again! This year I'll be posting once a quarter and sharing some of the things I accomplished for each goal over the last three months.

2016 Goals:

Build Our Team

Last year, my business efforts were all about being ROOTED and building a solid foundation. And this year, it's time to build on that foundation. CGP is growing this year into a team effort! I will be sharing much more on this in the next few months, but I'm excited to announce that Ryan will be taking on more with CGP and we'll be adding an editor to our team as well!

Shine Bright

I never want my clients to feel like they're getting ordinary wedding photos. Instead, I want to serve my clients well and give them an amazing wedding experience! I want my business to be like a little lighthouse to the couples that would be the best fit for me, so I can give them the wedding photos they will treasure for the rest of their lives!

Choose Adventure

Ryan and I are homebodies at heart! We love to travel and explore on vacation, but we're not very good at exploring the rest of the year! This goal is all about trying new things and finding adventure and new experiences here in Hampton Roads and wherever else we go this year!

Live Well

I want to take care of my health, my home, and my creative heart this year. Every year I try to take new and additional steps towards a healthier lifestyle. I've learned that biting off one small thing at a time leads to permanent life change for me, and I know that at the end of the year, I'll be able to look back and see good growth in this area! Ryan and I also want to keep our schedule (and lives) balanced through what is shaping up to be my busiest wedding season yet. We have a handful of projects for our home on the list, and I also want to make more time for reading, something I haven't done much over the last few years.

What about you? Do you prefer a long list of goals, a short list, or a theme word?