Our Little Yellow House: Master Bath Reveal

When we moved into our little yellow house, we knew we'd be replacing just about everything, and the bathroom fixtures were right at the top of our list! In the first two months, we tackled the half bath and the kitchen to try to get the downstairs a little more presentable for friends and family.

But one early Sunday morning added another item to our immediate to do list: our master bathroom. A broken plastic pipe fitting had leaked water all over the peel-and-stick flooring. (Read the story here.) And after we dried up all the water and fixed the pipe (thanks Granddaddy!), the floor was doing a lot more peeling than sticking and it had to come up. 

Two layers of ugly cheap flooring and one waterlogged vanity later, we had ourselves a gutted bathroom.

Because we were focused elsewhere, it took us nearly a year to get the bathroom finished, but now it's time for the before and afters! (And it's actually been done for a year, but I've forgotten to share it. Oops!)

Are you ready for this? Here's the before:

The light fixture/mirror/medicine cabinet combo is just about the ugly bathroom unit I've ever seen. And we had one in every bathroom! (And look at how awful the light is that it gives off. Super orange and not even bright enough to be helpful.)

Here's the ripped out version that lived behind a closed door for a few months while we used another bathroom.

Then we started collecting the pieces we needed for the bathroom, pretty new tile, a brighter and more modern light fixture, and a new vanity. And Ryan refinished the shower to be white instead of ivory.

And then we put the whole thing together! (And since I can't take a photo of the mirror, without being in it, hey there! And you can also see a reflection of the towel and picture frames we have on the wall. It's the tiniest room, so it's really difficult to photograph!)

We love how nice the shelves look in here and the baskets help to keep everything organized, but still close by and easy to reach. I wasn't sure I would like storing our toothbrushes and contact solution this way, but we've been using it for a year and it has worked really well.

I'll be back next Thursday to share more about how we DIY-ed these shelves, but for now, here's a before, during, and after comparison.