Our Little Yellow House: DIY Pendant Lighting

We were in for a few sticker shock moments when we started working on our little yellow house, and lighting was definitely one of them. We found affordable light fixtures we liked for every room in our house except for our dining room. So we decided to make our own!

When we moved in, the dining room had a blue fan with a globe light. We didn't care for it, but the color actually matched our downstairs so well that several people asked us if we put it in! 

But a ceiling fan in the dining area didn't make any sense to us, so we decided to put in a row of three pendant lights. That would also solve our problem of the light being off centered with the table and kitchen pass-through.

And then we went pendant light shopping and realized just how much pretty pendants would cost. There may be plenty of pretty sconces and bathroom light fixtures in our price range, but it appeared that the only pendants we could afford were tiny and very cheap looking. And then we found the perfect light. 

A $159 aqua seeded glass pendant from Shades of Light in Richmond.

That's a little more than we wanted to spend on a light, so when we looked at the total of buying all three, we decided that we had a hundred other things we'd rather spend $500 on.

So we left the store and wandered through TJMaxx feeling sorry for ourselves and then Ryan stumbled upon a fireplace candelabra with very similar seeded blue shades. Being the brilliant guy that he is, he pointed it out and said we should make our own light fixtures. And since the not-so-brilliant people who created the candelabra hadn't glued on the blue shades, one of them had fallen off and broken, so the candelabra was on clearance! And it had four shades, which gave us an experimental one! Sold!

Two $15 light kits, a stained piece of wood, two tiny lightbulbs, and a little ingenuity later, and we had ourselves a brand new light fixture! As it turned out, there was only room for two pendants over our table, so we wouldn't have spent quite as much on the original pendants, but our pendant lights came in under $75 instead of over $300.