Our Little Yellow House: Our Curtain Dilemma

Over the last four years, our style has been influenced a lot by the Young House Love blog, so when we moved into our little yellow house, we knew we wanted our new space to be bright and airy and modern. And so we landed on a big bold chevron pattern for our living room curtains.

But we wanted to hang our curtains high and wide to make the room feel as bright as possible, so regular length curtains weren't going to be long enough. And that meant I had to sew them myself.

Enter Fabric.com, the best place I've found to get bold, modern prints without paying obscene amounts of money for it. They have dozens of geometric prints in every color and pattern you could want, and their medium weight fabric is perfect for throw pillows and curtains. (Quick sewing tip, if you get curtain clips like these, you won't have to make curtain tabs or extra seams. Just hem the whole thing and you're done.)

Across the house in the kitchen, we had a sliding glass door that we wanted to tie into the curtains somehow. In a perfect world, we would have gorgeous french doors leading out to our deck, but the sliding glass door is brand new, so that seemed wasteful, even if it's not the most modern option. But what could be more modern than a huge teal chevron valance, right?

The valance is made with three pieces of wood nailed together and then covered in a few layers of fleece material. I think you're supposed to use batting, but I didn't want it to be too fluffy, so I used some white fleece I had on hand. And then we stapled the fabric on top.

Of course, I shot myself in the foot a little bit by trying to make a valance with a patterned fabric that was too short to stretch all the way across in one piece, but after a lot of math, I was able to get the chevron to match up. (I don't recommend that headache!)

These photos are pretty new (I try to take house photos every 6 months so we can keep things updated), but these curtains were actually one of my first projects. The photo below was taken after one month in the house. While the kitchen reno was still in full swing, and the rest of the house had boxes piled everywhere, this little space was clean and orderly.