Sweet Tooth: The Best Brownie Mix

Are you ready for the best brownie of your life? I know, that's setting the expectation pretty high, but I didn't think I was that into brownies until I made this recipe. And now, all I want is brownies!

I first stumbled upon the Best Brownie Mix from Crazy for Crust when my mother in law came over one evening with the dog. We were relaxing out on the porch and we all wanted some kind of dessert, so I went hunting for a recipe I could mix up quickly. And I found this mix, which allowed us to put together a full batch of dry mix but only bake enough for us to eat that evening. So do yourself a favor and mix up a batch of brownie mix to keep in your cabinet. Then you can bake up a 9x9 or loaf pan size of brownies whenever you want them!

Pros to this recipe:
- Baking a smaller batch means you don't have a huge pan of brownies sitting around tempting you (Although they freeze really well too!)
- Brownies use vegetable oil or melted butter so you don't have to wait for butter to soften
- You can keep the dry mix in your pantry
- They're seriously delicious!

Cons to this recipe (and brownies in general):
- They take longer to bake than cookies

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