2015 Business Goals: Updated & Refreshed

I chose the word Rooted to focus on this year, because I wanted to grow strong and healthy roots in CGP. I knew it would be a slow and purposeful process. But like most people in the month of January, I bit off a bit more than I could chew.

I made 11 goals for the year. In January that didn't seem like too much. Each goal was important to me and was something I wanted to work on throughout the year. But I am not very good at big picture thinking. I'm a detail oriented person, so making yearly and even monthly goals isn't good enough for me. I need those goals to be broken into weekly tasks that I can work on.

And adding 11 weekly tasks to my already full to do list seemed a bit unmanageable. So after taking another look at my goals for 2015, I've decided to cut them down from 11 to 4. Each of my original goals is encapsulated in one of my 4 new goals.

To Balance Life & Work – I want to cut down on social media distractions and stop checking email outside of work hours. I want to take time out of my work day to spend with God, go to the gym, and break for lunch. I want to have 1 or 2 meaningful conversations with a friend every week. I want to take 1 day off per week. I want to make my office hours the most efficient I possibly can.

To Grow with Purpose – I want to make meaningful connections with others in the industry that will benefit both our businesses and our personal lives. I want to book more clients from referrals than SEO. I want hit 750 Facebook followers and 500 Instagram followers. I want to be featured on 3 new wedding blogs. I want to pray about my business and trust God to build it in His timing.

To Invest – I want to invest in my business through equipment purchases, a 2 day photography workshop, and software updates.

To Learn to Celebrate – I want to teach myself how to celebrate. To dwell on what I’ve accomplished. To praise the Lord for His goodness and wisdom in my business. To be grateful even for small growth!


These goals might seem less specific, but I think it will be easier to focus on them every week. Now I can look at my schedule each week and say, "How is my balance? How am I growing with purpose this week? How am I investing? How am I celebrating?"

I think with this more detailed focus, I'll be able to look back at the end of the year and see a lot of growth in my business! I'm excited to see what happens!