Hello, Off Season!

Off Season 2015-6.jpg

The last few weeks have definitely had their fill of work. Between fall weddings, new 2016 bookings, our behind the scenes video project (that's still not done), and redoing almost every page on our entire website, we've had our hands full!

It would be really easy to keep plowing full steam ahead. Because even though the off-season officially begins this week (just as soon as my final 2015 wedding gallery is delivered), my off-season to do list is nearly 3 pages long. But there has to be a time to slow down and recharge a bit!

So what can you expect from me the next few months? Instead of being in the office every day, I'll be cutting back to three days a week, so email responses may take 48 hours instead of my usual 24. But other than that, I don't think you'll notice much of a difference! I'll still be blogging 3 days a week and I will have some really exciting posts to share over the next few months (including more of our story)! I'll also be meeting with 2016 brides and making my way through my off season list.

Some of the biggest things I want to accomplish this off season:
- Finish our behind the scenes video
- Finish a comprehensive wedding guide filled with all the tips I usually send via email
- Evaluate every aspect of my business and make things even better for next year
- Set new goals for 2016

But one little to do list stands between me and my new off season hours, so I'd better get to it!

Check back Wednesday for the final wedding blog post of 2015 and Thursday for another yummy cheesecake recipe!