2014 Highlights and Goals

Goal Post 1.jpg

I spent a lot of time at the end of 2014 thinking over the year and making goals for the next year. So while it might seem that I'm a little late on the recap and goal train, I'm actually just late at blogging them. I wanted to enjoy Christmas as long as I could instead of jumping ahead to the New Year stuff.

Some highlights of 2014:
- Leaving my part time job to pursue photography full time
- Redoing the CGP logo, business cards, and website
- Attending a workshop on lighting
- Becoming part of the Tidewater and Tulle Vendor Guide Family
- Designing and ordering branded cookies - I love these sooooo much!
- 7 wonderful weddings and 3 stylized shoots
- Finally designing and ordering
- Snorkeling in the Keys
- Girls Weekend Trip to Savannah
- More work on our little yellow house - mostly the master bath & bedroom and the office

One thing that I didn't do well in 2014 was make goals. I was tired of placing unrealistic expectations on myself and then being disappointed when I didn't reach them. So I took the year off from specific concrete trackable goals and instead focused on what I wanted my year to feel like. And I wanted to feel JOY.

While I certainly didn't have a perfect year, I felt like it was a joyful year. I painted a little reminder to choose gratefulness and hung it in my kitchen. I started keeping a gratitude journal and writing down little daily things that bring me joy. And I tried to cut the ties of social media. I definitely still want to work on that, but I feel like good progress was made.

Next week I'll be sharing my word for 2015 and my more specific goals for the year.