Girls Weekend ~ Savannah

I spent this weekend in Savannah with 3 of my closest friends from college. We're all spread around the east coast so our annual girls weekend is the one time we all get to see each other. Last year we were up north, so it seemed fair that we go south this year.

With a history nerd and a lover of historic homes in our group, Savannah was an easy decision. Here are a few of my favorite images from our trip.

How cute is the little house we rented? I'm so glad we didn't stay in a hotel, because we had so much more space to spread out!

We spent the first evening driving through the city and exploring the shops at River Street. And eating some yummy gumbo!

It's hard to tell in this picture, but the steps in the historic River Street area are all incredibly steep. It was quite the workout going up them! And going down, I was just thankful that we didn't dress up in heels for a fancy dinner or anything. That would have been awful! (Not to mention the uneven cobblestone streets too!)

I should have known that Savannah would have haint blue porch ceilings just like Charleston. Supposedly it was an attempt to ward off evil spirits.

Saturday morning we took one of the many trolley tours. And let me tell you, this was the BEST way to see the city! We took a 90 minute guided tour of the city and then the buses dropped us off at any of the historic sites we wanted to see more of throughout the day. And we got to park in their lot all day. Free parking on a Saturday? You can't beat that!

We saw almost all of the historic squares throughout the day. I found lots of beautiful homes to drool over. And we heard lots of fun movie tidbits... like there's really a moon river! And apparently, the brewery is haunted.

One of the stops on the tour is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Our tour guide Rick gets extra points for stopping here during the 90 minute tour because it was going to be closed for special events during the afternoon. This cathedral was absolutely breathtaking and I would have been so disappointed to miss it.

Gorgeous! But I have to admit I'm glad my church isn't this beautiful, because I would be so distracted during worship!

From one of Savannah's largest buildings to its smallest... this 500 square foot house was built in 1845... and you can rent it

In a city full of beautiful houses, it's very hard to choose a favorite. But I think this one is mine. It's just like a little doll house!

After the trolley tour, we stopped at Forsyth Park to see the beautiful fountain. And then we discovered the Farmer's Market and snapped up a few peaches. Yum!

You HAVE to tour a historic home when you visit a city like Savannah or Charleston, but the problem was that our tour guide pointed out at least 6 or 7 historic homes that you could tour. Until Jess heard the words "this is where Sherman stayed when he took the city of Savannah." It was settled. The history teacher would hear of going nowhere else until she had seen this house.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't that hard to convince us. And after stepping through the doors of the Green Meldrim House and seeing the incredible molding, I was just as obsessed with the house as Jess was.

It's owned by St. John's (which is next door) and they use it every week for a coffee social after the service. The fact that they let people sit on the furniture and walk around this gorgeous home with coffee makes me love it even more!

Taking the trolley was also a good way to scope out where we wanted to eat! Pie Society was the perfect pit stop for us... mostly because it was air conditioned, but we were pretty excited about the savory pies too!

Bonaventure Cemetery was another one of the stops we made after our trolley tour. We only stayed a few minutes because of the heat, but we wanted to see some of the mayhem that Sherman's men caused for ourselves. The whole back wall of the graveyard is filled with headstones since no one knew where any of them belonged anymore.

After a long day of heat and walking, we were ready for some ice cream! Leopold's is the most famous spot in town (and they had the line outside to prove it), but it was tasty!

Also, I have to give Karen props for this top right image. Somehow she took it at 1/10 of a second and it's completely crisp! I bumped up the ISO for her before she took the shot of us though. Shooting that slow isn't something you can do consistently unless you don't breath at all!

The trolley tour was such an effective way to see the city that we decided to find the mall Sunday. We had hit all the highlights and our sweet northern friend was dying in our humid southern heat.

I was trying to travel light, so I didn't bring a tripod and remote with me. But I set the interval timer on the camera and set it on the mantel so that we would get at least one good group shot. It wasn't easy! We took 81 shots in all, and only 3 or 4 have all of us smiling. But I'm happy to have it. And I love that it's with the awesome flamingo painting in our rental home!

I had such an amazing time with these ladies! We don't get to talk often throughout the year (and never all of us together), but we always pick up right where we left off when we're together. I hope this is just the 2nd of many many getaways together!