Pinterest Projects ~ Choose Joy Sign

It's been a few months since my last Pinterest Projects post. That's probably because I have about 4 projects that are only half done.

Today I wanted to share my new Choose Joy sign. Not because it's anything special, but because of the trace-on technique that I used to make it. If you hate cutting out letters or using an exacto knife, you need to see this stencil technique!

You print out the text you want, scratch all over the back with a pencil, tape it down and trace out the letters.

I really did not expect this to work. You know how half the stuff on Pinterest is too good to be true? I really thought this was one of those things. But look at that!

And then (obviously) you paint it! We love using the little sample jars from Home Depot so we can get any fun and crazy color without feeling bad for not using very much of it. Although we also used this yellow on a couple of little TV tray tables we painted recently. And the gray is the paint we used in our last house's living room (and the color of our new master bath whenever we get around to painting it.)

You can find more precise instructions for this technique at Elm Street Life, whose tutorial I had pinned for months and months before finally getting this project started. Sounds just like Pinterest, right?

I want to hang it up in my kitchen along with some framed fabric, but I don't have everything collected yet, so I propped it up on the stove for the time being. It's a little rustic. Maybe I'll try to smooth out that S a little bit one of these days. It's a little too small and formal looking for the rest of the letters. But as Lara Casey says, done is better than perfect.

Maybe I'll paint that on a sign next.