Keshia & Frankie ~ Engagement Session at William & Mary and Colonial Williamsburg

I was so excited when Keshia wanted to do their engagement session in Williamsburg. Everything is just so beautiful up there! Everywhere you turn is a beautiful backdrop for an engagement session. 

We started our engagement session at William and Mary on the Crim Dell Bridge. Legend says that if you cross the bridge with your love and kiss in the middle that you'll be together forever. But if you ever separate, you must come back to the bridge and the man must be thrown off the bridge to break the curse of singleness. I would really love to see that happen someday.

Also, as I was repeatedly warned by passers by, it's back luck to cross the bridge alone. Technically I crossed with Keshia and Frankie, but the guys walking by didn't seem that was enough to prevent me from being "forever alone." Ryan, don't die, ok?

Anyway, on to the session...

One of the many things that Keshia and Frankie have in common is a love for How I Met Your Mother. The future wife of one of the characters is the "woman with the yellow umbrella." Her face isn't revealed for several seasons, so she's symbolized by the yellow umbrella she left at a party.

Frankie has already found his yellow umbrella, so we had some fun working that into the engagement session. I hope that the yellow umbrella will make another appearance on the wedding day. (Prayers for no rain though!)

We made sure to stop in front of the Christopher Wren chapel, where they'll be getting married. The next time they're standing on those steps they'll be husband and wife!

Also, check out the gorgeous lace detail on Keshia's engagement ring. It's stunning!

And then we continued the engagement session at Colonial Williamsburg.

I think I've mentioned before that I have a terrible sense of direction. Well apparently it makes no difference whether I'm walking or driving. I took Keshia and Frankie on quite a little rabbit trail through a part of Colonial Williamsburg I don't think I'd ever seen before looking for this row of hedges. Finally Keshia figured out what I was talking about and led me there.

And it was sooooooooo worth it.

I need this last one in my office!

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