Sweet Tooth ~ Soft Pretzel Bites

I've made soft pretzel bites and cinnamon sugar pretzel bites by the ladies of Our Best Bites a couple of times over the past year. They take about two hours from start to finish, but half of that is rising time, so I find this to be a fun (and delicious) recipe to make for parties. I would definitely recommend having someone to help you when it comes time to dunk the dough bites into the boiling water, so it is the perfect recipe to make with your sweetie.

And seriously, they are soooo good! It's like having a mall pretzel shop in your own kitchen. Don't feel bad if you eat half of them up right away before the party even starts!

Just a couple notes:

- Go easy on the egg wash. The last thing you want is bits of egg cooking onto your pretzel bites.

- Plan to eat them all that day. The whole point of making them is to have them nice and fluffy and fresh. Day old pretzel bites aren't very fluffy. They're best hot from the oven, but timing that with a party could be a bit tricky. Which leads me on to the last tip...

- Don't put them in a sealed container until they are completely cool. The pretzel bites (especially the cinnamon sugar ones) get all wet and sticky. 

So check out the recipe from Our Best Bites! I promise you won't be disappointed!