Shenandoah Vacation ~ Part Two: The Flowers

One of the happy accidents on this vacation was toting my SLR along when we visited some gardens. I hadn't planned to shoot much, but I just couldn't resist all of these beauties.

So Ryan just followed me around for a couple hours as I hopped from flower to flower like a giddy little bee. What a sweet husband I have.

This one is by far my favorite! I'm also using this photo as my weekly photo challenge image. I wasn't sure what to do with the challenge "foreground", because I like to have the foreground be the focus. And then I realized that's ok! Although I like this next image where we're peeking through the leaves to look at the gate, it's the flower shots with the focus on the foreground that make my heart flutter.

Even dandelions are beautiful when there's some bokeh!