Things happen for a reason. Even the little things. God orchestrates the little things along with the big things, like having a specific song play on the radio, because that's exactly what one of His children needed to hear. It's kind of incredible to think about.

I have a very short commute (What a blessing!) And this means that I listen to roughly 2-3 songs on the way to and from work. That's it.

I left work Tuesday feeling weary. And burnt out. I put the key in the ignition and started to pull out of the parking lot. And this song started to play.

Tears fell from my eyes. The only words I could put together were "God I'm weary. Burnt out." I couldn't get past that. Couldn't form a prayer. But this song became my prayer.

So today, even though my to do list is a mile long, I'm taking the afternoon off. To rest. To recharge. Because Monday will come soon enough.