Simple Pleasures ~ Chai Tea Lattes

I had a roommate in college that would drink tea. She would order something called a "London Fog" from our campus coffee shop. But I had no idea what that was, so I never ordered one.

But then about a year ago, I came across my first Chai tea. And it was way different that other teas I had tried. And Starbucks makes a mighty delicious one!

I loved them so much that I looked for an at-home alternative, so I could enjoy them more often. (As much as I adore Starbucks, I'm not one to pay $4 for coffee more than 2 or 3 times a month.)

After discovering Tazo's Chai tea bags, I'm a happy little camper, enjoying my chai almost daily. There's no foam. No creamer. Only one spoonful of sugar. But let's face it. I want to enjoy my cup of tea, not feel guilty about drinking all those calories.

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