My Support

Ryan is my biggest cheerleader. (Don't try to picture that.) He helps me with so many aspects of this business, from difficult head swaps to accounting to website updates. I seriously would be lost without him. And he even comes out to many of my sessions to help me carry equipment and to hold the reflector.

This past Saturday I put together another stylized shoot. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you've probably figured out that it had a Peter Pan theme. I won't be showing the final images off on the blog for a while, but I'll post some behind the scenes shots in a couple weeks. For today though, I just wanted to say a big thank you to Ryan and Martha for helping out.

I didn't think Ryan would be able to help out with my stylized shoot because of his work schedule, so I called on a good friend to act as shot list manager, behind the scenes documentor, and reflector holder. Ryan ended up being able to join me for the last bit of the session and I snapped a quick photo of him. I only got a couple shots of Martha, but she took PLENTY of me. Some not very flattering. ;-) Keep your eyes peeled! They'll be popping up here sometime soon!