I might be the queen of excuses. I don't feel good today. I have too much to do. But I just went to the store. I don't have time today. But I really want to.

Lately, my excuses have been keeping me from working out.

If only we had room for an elliptical machine. I have too much to do. If I had a gym membership. I don't feel that great today. It's not doing any good anyway. It's Sunday. I don't feel like working out. If only I had someone to work out with. If only I liked running.

But no matter how many excuses I give myself, I'm never going to feel good about it. Because they're excuses. And when two months go by and I haven't worked out a bit, I'm going to feel guilty. And let's face it, my clothes are going to be tight.

Yes, this is about being thin. It's also about still enjoying food and not eating only healthy cardboard. But it's also about being healthy. I want to be a buff 40 year old. But you don't get to be a buff 40 year old instantly. You have to stop being a 22 year old couch potato.

I envy people who run marathons. Who actually enjoys that? I certainly wouldn't.

But starting today, there will be no more excuses. I'm going to start small. I'm going to make this attainable. Little exercises I can fit in throughout my day. And they'll keep adding up. Yes, I'll fall off the wagon. But I'm determined to get back on.

What excuses have you been giving yourself lately? What have you been meaning to do that you've just never started? Stop looking at the finish line and look at the step in front of you. And take it! And then take the next step!