Wedding Weekly ~ The Shoe Game

The Shoe Game is one of the newest phenomenons in wedding receptions. It's a cute way to mix up the flow of the evening.

Sometime after the cake cutting and toasts, the bride and groom sit or stand back to back on the dance floor. And they each hold one bride's shoe and one groom's shoe.

The DJ reads a list of questions and the bride and groom answer by raising the appropriate shoe. It's funny when they agree and funny when they disagree. And it's hilarious when the groom know he's going to be in trouble with his answer, but he raises her shoe anyway. 

The questions should include some sweet questions, some silly questions, and some you'll-be-in-trouble-when-you-answer-honestly questions.

Who is the better driver?
Who made the first move?
Who will do all the cooking?
Who is the best at keeping surprises?
Who is better looking?
Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Who said "I love you" first?
Who is more likely to clean the bathroom?
Who is messier?
Who made the best first impression on the other?
Who is the best dresser?
Who is more addicted to coffee?
Who is in charge of the remote?
Who is the biggest baby when sick?
Who is always right?
Who has the wackiest family?

I'm sure many DJs have a pre-written list of questions that they can use at any wedding, but it's always fun to add more personal questions into the mix.

The key to making the Shoe Game a success is that the bride and groom can't know the questions ahead of time. Instead, they should ask a close friend or family member who knows them both well to prepare the list, so they can answer the questions on the spot.