Simple Pleasures ~ Instagram

There are some aspects of social media that baffle me, like Twitter. (But I'm working on it!) And then there are other parts that are totally me. And Instagram is one of those parts.

I love Instagram for a lot of reasons.

My phone is the camera I have with me all of the time.

It's ideal for capturing the details. Innocent little moments. The mundane aspects of the day. Looking back over my Instagram feed gives me an overview of my year.

There's no pressure. Phone pictures aren't the best quality and that's ok. Not all my images have to be crisp and high res. (Just the important ones!)

Widescreen laptop and square photo - Not the best combination.

It's such a fun way to give people a peek into your life. It's one thing to tweet or post on Facebook about your date night, but it's so much more fun if people can see it.

It lets me instantly post some sort of sneak peek from my photo sessions. 

I love instagramming my #vendormeal at a wedding.

I also love #backofcamera shots. I can instantly show off my current project.

And probably the dumbest reason of all, I can take photos of things I would love to buy and drop hints for my birthday presents. (What? I would love it if my family would leave me hints!)

(I should note that I already decided not to buy this chair. I love it to pieces, but I'd want a pair not just one.)

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