Pinterest Challenge ~ New Crochet Stitch

I've mentioned before how much I love following Young House Love. And I've wanted to participate in their Pinterest Challenges since I first saw them post one. Because who doesn't want to actually do more of the things they find on Pinterest?

But the challenges have always come at a really bad time, like right before we go out of town, so I haven't been able to participate. So when I saw this super adorable video last week, I knew I wasn't going to miss out this time.

Ryan is super busy right now with tax season, so I knew whatever I chose couldn't involve his help. So after a little hemming and hawing, I decided that I would learn a new crochet stitch.

That might sound kind of lame, but I knew it would be attainable. And obviously making an entire baby blanket with said new crochet stitch in one week wouldn't exactly be attainable.

I've been crocheting since elementary school, but I've always stuck with the basic single, double, and triple stitches. Crochet patterns can be really confusing, because they use tons of abbreviations. And I need pictures to make sure I'm doing something right.

And then I pinned something from Crochet Spot. Finally! A simple explanation of various stitches (with pictures!)

So I decided to give the blanket stitch a whirl.

Look how pretty it is! And you repeat the same set of stitches over and over, so it's really not as hard as it looks.

Now to make a pink and white striped blanket.

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