Hello 2013!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had an amazing night celebrating 2012 with an amazing fireworks show or by dancing the night away. We didn't do either. Unless you count the handful of fireworks the neighbors set off. But... maybe next year!

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, but I always like to make a list of goals. Something a little more attainable.

But before I get to this year's goals, here's how I did on last years goals:

1. Make a new recipe every month

I didn't keep track. Most months I didn't make a new recipe but some months I made several.

2. Make handmade Christmas gifts

Yeah, this was a complete miss. But I did purchase handmade gifts from others. Does that count?

3. Go on monthly dates

When I made this goal, I meant this to be very intentional date nights, so I would say that we missed a few months on this, but we did pretty good.

4. Have friends over more regularly

We definitely did this! And a bonus, if I have friends over frequently, my house stays clean!

5. Get settled into church

Ryan and I have been members at Colonial for most of the year. We're still in the getting-to-know-you stage, since it's such a huge church, but we love our Sunday School class and I have a bi-weekly Bible Study with a few other girls that I love. Ryan also started recently helping in the sound booth running the powerpoint.

6. Weekly dinners with parents

Weekly dinners certainly have not happened. But I think we have done a good job spending time with our families.

7. Eat healthier

Haha! I have gotten in the regular habit of taking vitamins, but I am a total failure at making a vegetable with dinner. Oops! However, I have made a conscious effort this year to purchase foods that are a bit healthier. (At least one step up from total junk food!)

8. Be more organized - Why did I make such an unmeasurable goal?

Some other things that I accomplished almost accidentally:

1. Read 6 books - a couple for business, a couple for pleasure

2. Monthly healthy habits - Getting instantly healthy is not something that will ever happen for me, but if I make just a small change every month, I've made some progress during the year. This year I started taking vitamins, made a conscious effort to cut down on TV time, and attempted to go to bed at 10:30 every night (still working on that one!)

3. Made some Pinterest projects - Out of hundreds of pins, I've actually done a few! Yay!

4. Crocheted two blankets.

Goals for this year:

1. Continue making one good habit each month (Cutting down on sweets, exercising, and eating more fruits and vegetables are some things I want to conquer)

2. Make 6 new dessert recipes from Pinterest

3. Make 24 new dinner recipes

4. Add the best of these recipes to my stash of go-to dinners

5. Make 6 crafts from Pinterest (a date night jar and an advent calendar are at the top of the list)

6. Organize one area of our house each month

7. Read 12 books (I'm not entirely sure that this is attainable, but here's hoping!

8. Plan a special date night every month (not just going out to dinner!)

9. Get to know 3 more couples from our Sunday School class