Young House Love Book Signing

I follow a lot of blogs with a wide range of topics: photography, sewing, decorating, crafting, horrible cakes, fashion, marketing, and adorable family life. But Young House Love is the one that I'm the most excited to read every day.

And when you combine DIY, decorating, and crafting with an adorable family, you're almost guaranteed to have success. Young House Love is full of creative and affordable DIY projects, several of which have already popped up in our home. And now that they've written a book with 243 more ideas, I'm even more inspired!

So when we found out that John and Sherry were having a book signing in Richmond, we were determined to go. (A couple months ago I got Ryan hooked on their blog too!)

Thank you, Mongrel in Carytown for hosting! We had a wonderful time!

Creeping on people in front of us... I mean testing my camera settings!

I forgot which lens I had on my camera when I handed it to the employee designated as book signing photographer. Hence the super close shots. Oops! 

 We had John and Sherry sign a postcard that we designed. Here it is at home in our postcard jar.

Thanks John and Sherry for being so awesome!