It's Cardigan Time!

I've been waiting for spring to get here for weeks. I'm really a fall kind of girl, because I love the changing leaves, the crispness in the air, and the overall gorgeousness of everything around me. But after a long winter (ok, it actually was fairly mild winter), I'm ready for cardigan weather.

Cardigan weather is my favorite. It's that deliciously in-between weather where you still need the comfort of long sleeves and you can layer without sweating. And in case you didn't already guess this, I have an obsession with the cardigan. An unhealthy one.

I currently own a dozen cardigans. And that's not enough. There are never enough.

So you can probably guess what I'll be wearing around town for the next couple of weeks. And when the first hints of summer hit, I'll be the girl in denial, still trying to rock her three-quarter sleeve cardigans.